The Parrino Universe
Welcome From Krystin Scott

Hello and welcome,

The websites contained in this section of The Parrino's Domain are my creative works.

2008 - 2009 school year.
College projects in the areas of Web Design and Graphics and Multimedia.

KJS Web Design
Purpose: Fictitious Business.

KJS Designs
Purpose: Graphics and Multimedia - Graphics Portfolio.

RuneScape Skill Guides For Free To Play Servers
Purpose: Web Design - Html Coding Skills.

2009 - 2010 school year.
College projects in the areas of Web Design and Javascript.

Nature Coast Acupuncture
Purpose: Advanced Web Design - Working With Your Client.

SkyWeb Astronomy
Purpose: Displays the location of Constellations in the night sky.
Includes: skymap.htm, datetime.js, skyweb.css, skyweb.jpg, sky0.jpg, sky1.jpg, sky2.jpg, sky3.jpg, sky4.jpg, sky5.jpg, sky6.jpg, sky7.jpg, sky8.jpg, sky9.jpg, sky10.jpg, sky11.jpg, sky12.jpg, sky13.jpg, sky14.jpg, sky15.jpg, sky16.jpg, sky17.jpg, sky18.jpg, sky19.jpg, sky20.jpg, sky21.jpg, sky22.jpg, sky23.jpg, mask.gif.

The Home Center
Purpose: Display a random tip within the page.
Includes: home.htm, random.js, tips.js, styles.css, logo.jpg, work.jpg.

The Lighthouse
Purpose: Displaying data written in arrays contained within the JS file.
Includes: clist.htm, list.js, lhouse.css, logo.jpg.

Chiricahua National Monument
Purpose: Interactive map, highlighting areas on interest.
Includes: trail.htm, trail.js, trail.css, photo2.jpg, photo3.jpg, photo4.jpg, photo5.jpg, photo6.jpg, photo7.jpg, photo8.jpg, text1.gif, text2.gif, text3.gif, text4.gif, text5.gif, text6.gif, text7.gif, text8.gif, text9.gif, redball.gif, button.gif, trail.gif.

Premeir Realty
Purpose: Scroll through a picture gallery via button clicks.
Includes: house.htm, premier.css, slide00.jpg, slide01.jpg, slide02.jpg, slideo3.jpg, slide04.jpg, slide05.jpg, slide06.jpg, slide07.jpg, slide08.jpg, slide09.jpg, slide10.jpg, slide11.jpg, pback.jpg, l,down.gif, lup.gif, pr.gif, rdown.gif, rup.gif.

The Civil War Journal
Purpose: Pop Up Ad.
Includes: cwj.htm, cover.htm, form.htm, cwj.css, cover.css, cwj.jpg, cover.jpg, parch.jpg, logo.gif.

The Monroe Public Library
Purpose: Drop Down List Selection.
Includes: mpl.htm, mplstyles.css, mpl.jpg.

Online Market Surveys
Purpose: Drag and drop selections in order of preference.
Includes: survey.htm, survey.js, styles.css, links.jpg, logo.jpg, bkgrnd.jpg.

The McCarver Philanthropic Foundation
Purpose: Send Donation via the internet using the "GET method". (not functioning with this host)
Includes: mc_carver.htm, mc_carverfeedback.htm, mc_carver.js, mc_carver.css, mc_carver.gif.

French 101
Purpose: Translate French Phrase.
Includes: french5.htm, french5.js, engfr.js, styles.css.

Monroe Public Library
Purpose: Hiding E-mail addresses from spammers.
Includes: mpl.htm, spam.js, mplstyles.css, mpl.jpg.

Dixon's New Year's Bash
Purpose: Creating a New Year's Day count down clock.
Includes: clock.htm, functions.js, newyear.css, logo.jpg, photo.jpg, clock.jpg.

The Chamberlain Civic Center
Purpose: Creating a monthly calendar.
Includes: ccc.htm, calendar.js, calendar.css, ccc.css, back.jpg, ccc.jpg, logo.gif.

Avalon Books
Purpose: Creating an animated web page.
Includes: avalon.htm, scripts.js, styles.css, ab.jpg, fiction.jpg, nfiction.jpg.

The World of Shakespeare
Purpose: Creating rollovers, menu's, filters and transitions. Transitional Wipe when clicking "The Plays" link.
Includes: ws.htm, plays.htm, scripts.js, styles1.css, styles2.css, back1.jpg, bio_out.jpg, bio_over.jpg, globe_out.jpg, globe_over.jpg, logo.jpg, plays_out.jpg, plays_over.jpg, son_out.jpg, son_over.jpg, strat_out.jpg, strat_over.jpg, theplays.jpg

iMusic History
Purpose: Enhancing a web site with interactive windows.
Includes: concerto.htm, default.htm, footer.htm, index.htm, lesson3.htm, lesson3a.htm, lesson3b.htm, main.htm, nav.htm, quiz.htm, sonata.htm, symphony.htm, terms.htm, terms_noframes.htm, main.css, quiz.css, beethovn72a,gif, dotclear.gif, header.gif, navy8th.gif, treble.gif, treble2.gif.

Purpose: Validating a web form with JavaScript.
Includes: form1.htm, form2.htm, form3.htm, done.htm, functions.js, gpsware.css, border.jpg, gpsware.jpg.

Games Etc.
Purpose: Creating a Drag-and-Drop shopping cart.
Includes: games.htm, shop.js, games.css, logo.jpg, shopping.jpg.

Patti's Potpourri
Purpose: Managing Data in a website using JavaScript Cookies.
Includes: patti_account.htm, patti_cart.htm, patti_checkout.htm, patti_confirm.htm, patti_home.htm, patti_trinkets.htm, patti.js, patti.css, box.jpg, box_sm.jpg, candlesticks.jpg, candlesticks_sm.jpg, logo.jpg, patti.jpg, vase1.jpg, vase1_sm.jpg, vase2.jpg, vase2_sm.jpg, cart.gif.

MidWest University Dept. of History
Purpose: Creating a dynamic table of contents.
Includes: usconst.htm, treaty.htm, toc.js, print.css, toc.css, history.css, print.jpg, web.jpg, hlogo.jpg.

JavaScript Points of Interest. I did not make these but I find them helpful.

Demo Browser
IE Filter Demo
IE Transition Demo
Frame Blocking
Pop Up Window Features
Pop Up Window Methods
Passing Form Data
Receiving Form Data
Regular Expression Data
Regular Expressions
Event Bubbling
The Event Object