Scott Trim Carpentry

Scott Trim Carpentry is a noteworthy, reliable business that offers quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing. But what is unique about Scott Trim Carpentry is that appointments may be scheduled AFTER normal business hours Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday!! There is no need to take a leave of absence from your daily job to begin your construction project.

In these economic hard times, you may be tempted to save money by hiring a local "Handy Man" or attempt to do renovations, interior repairs and home improvements yourself. However remodeling is a time consuming and often frustrating process. One look at shows like "Renovation Realities" on the Do-It-Yourself Network and you will begin to understand how either of these options can lead to costly mistakes. Hiring an experienced Trim Carpenter can save you literally hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because an experienced carpenter is knowledgeable about the tools, materials and the tricks of the trade.

Potential customers of Scott Trim Carpentry, Inc. will be contacted via telephone by Donald J. Scott, II and a service call to the project location will be scheduled. When Don goes on a service call he will first go to the site and listen to the desires of the customer. Then he will view all of the locations on the site that will require service. Additionally he will view any materials the customer has provided to accomplish the job. After his assessment of the work that needs to be accomplished Don will discuss any additional materials that need to be purchased and the estimated time and cost for the jobs completion. If the customer is agreeable an appointment will then be set (date and time) for the work to be completed. When a customer hires Scott Trim Carpentry, Inc. they can rest assured the work will be completed by experienced, licensed and insured Trim Carpenter, Donald J. Scott, II.

While all projects hold different requirements, Don will do everything possible to keep your inconvenience to a minimum, while tailoring your custom project to your wishes.

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