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ArtMan Graphics Logo

The ArtMan Graphics website sends the visitor mixed messages. Clearly, the ArtMan shows artistic ability in his designs and catchy phrasing. The artists educational & employment background, and use of quotes & sentiments inspire thought and willingness to purchase his services. However the scowling face on the logo makes the artists appear sourly, arrogant and difficult to worth with.

The portfolio is divided into sections based on the type of graphic design the visitor is considering. When the visitors selection is displayed it encorporates many various image styles per page. Pages that display small or thumbnail size graphics utilize a click to enlarge script. This is a good way for the portfolio to be viewable by a large audience as click to enlarge scripts can be written in simple html and are recognized by most if not all of today's popularly used browsers. However that is only beneficial if the visitor takes the time to read the text. Each page contained in the site uses a simple white background, black text and possibly one picture which is also often black and white, the only exception being the pages containing the graphics portfolio. Nothing about the entrance to this site ellicits the "WOW, look at that!" emotion. It's set up like any other business page on the internet and does not draw the visitor to the real capabilities of this talented artist which are contained in portfolio.

Body Graphics Tattoo Studio Logo

Body Graphics Tattoo Studio employs a Flash script to display it's graphic portfolio of body art. This method allows the visitor to view individual galleries of the portfolio which are displayed by subject. Once a subject is chosen the Flash script then begins a slide show of all of the works of art contained in the section. The slide show may be paused or stopped and restarted at the descression of the visitor. Additionally if the visitor has previously viewed the portfolio and wishes to view a particular design they can chose the number of the image to view an individual picture. The flash script is written and displayed in a very eye catching and professional manor and is parallel to the artistic ability of the staff. The images of the artists works are large and detailed while maintaining a quick display rate and no noticable lag.

Overall the portfolio was nicely done. The main concern regarding the portfolio is that it fails to take into account that not all venues can display material created in flash. This site provides no gallery of images for visitors that have no flash capability or have older model browsers. The site could have also been enhanced by the use of background music during the slide show, provided the sound bites were suttle and the designer coded in a way for the sound to be raised, lowered and turned on or off by the visitor.

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