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I am the creator, the maker of this land
I know every port of call, and every grain of sand
With a flick of my pen, new worlds spring to life
Many lush and wondrous, others filled with strife

All of the inhabitants have an engaging story to be told
Some search for love, while others seek out gold
Even the foulest villain has a gripping tale to tell
A product of his environment, he learnt to rebel

I am responsible for all the images you see
Under the vivid skies, and the turbulent sea
As the writer, they all derive from me
Each strategically placed, where I decree

Till my characters take on a will of their own
And soon my initial influence is overthrown
At night they continue to whisper in my head
They see no good reason, to run off to bed

So there I sit in the middle of the night
Pencil in hand, making use of the light
Writing down their adventures past
So that I can get some sleep at last

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