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Fly Fishing.
Calypso Rain Fly Fishing


  • 1 Small Net
  • 1 Cray Fish Cage
  • 5 Bait Fishing
  • 20 Fly Fishing Rod
  • 35 Harpoon
  • 40 Lobster Pot
  • 65 Swordfish Gloves

  • 1 Shrimp (Net)
  • 1 Crayfish (Cray Fish Cage)
  • 5 Sardine (Bait Fishing - Sea)
  • 10 Herring (Bait Fishing - Sea)
  • 15 Anchovies (Net)
  • 20 Trout (Fly Fishing)
  • 25 Pike (Bait Fishing - River)
  • 30 Salmon (Fly Fishing)
  • 35 Tuna (Harpoon)
  • 40 Lobster (Lobster Pot)
  • 50 Swordfish (Harpoon)

  • 99 Skill Mastery

Good Things Come To Those That Bait!

There are four main Fishing spots popular with FTP fishermen; Lumbridge River, Barbarian Village, Draynor Village and Karamja Dock (AKA Musa Point). Each Fishing spot in RuneScape offers the opportunity to catch a different assortment of fish by varying means. As you enter RuneScape your Fishing Skill will be ranked as a level 1 and you will have access to only "Crayfish Cage" Fishing in Lumbridge Lake and "Small Net" Fishing in Draynor Village or with "Finlay, The Fishing Tutor" in South Lumbridge.

At first you'll only be able to catch crayfish and shrimp but as your Fishing ability increases so will your chances of catching larger fish. As your combat skills increase you will feel more secure about your ability to protect yourself and may wish to leave the safety and security of Lumbridge to venture out to the other FTP Fishing areas of RuneScape such as Draynor Village, The Barbarian Village and Karamja Dock.

New Players be aware that two dark wizards (level 7) are posted at the Fishing spot in Draynor Village and will use spells against players who do not have a minimum of a level 14 in total combat. You can test your ability to use this location safely by being prepared with food, also note that bank access is readily available, so it would be wise to cook and store food for the trip.

Barbarian Village is a safe place to fish however getting there may be a problem. The easiest route to Barbarian Village crosses the path of many dark wizards (level 7 and 20). Many new players have unwittingly wondered here and ended up fertilizer. A combat level of 40 is required to pass without incident however you may get around this area by studying maps of RuneScape and proceeding by using alternate routes or running very swiftly assuring your "Auto Retaliate" is in the OFF position. Sites containing maps are provided in the links section.

Net Fishing
Calypso Rain Net Fishing
With Finlay The Fishing Tutor!

Finally, Karamja Dock, while the dock is safe, the passage to access this area is not. However if your dead-set (-grin-) on going you can charter a boat from Port Sarim (located on the far West of the FTP world) to Karamja for a mere 30 gp (gold pieces). Be careful to carry extra gp as there is no bank located on Karamja and you must either pay 30 gp or have the ability to teleport to leave the area. Karamja is the only location in the FTP world where tuna, lobsters and swordfish can be found however lobsters may only be caught by using a lobster pot and you will need a harpoon to catch tuna and swordfish. You can buy a lobster pot and harpoon in Port Sarim at the Fishing store. Another wise tip is to take along a few cut logs and a tinderbox, once you catch a few lobsters try and cook them. Players new to the Cooking Skill will burn a lot of food. Cooking tuna, lobsters and swordfish as you catch them insures you won't bring unusable food off the island. (Remember there is no bank!)

Use "The Guide" on the left to uncover the Fishing level you need to attain before using a specific type of equipment or making a certain catch. Extra Fishing gear may be purchased at the Fishing shop in Port Sarim and sometimes, although rarely, may be found in the general stores. Unneeded fish may be traded, sold to other players via the GE (General Exchange) or sold to general stores. Sites containing more information on the Fishing Skill are located in the links section.